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Tataouine and the surrounding ksour strongly inspired George Lucas for his films. Even the name of the city, Tataouine served as inspiration for the name of the desert planet of Star Wars, the planet Tatooine.

Tataouine has not served as a filming location for the first trilogy

and very little used for the trilogy of the 2000s. The shooting of the films was spread over different places in the south of Tunisia. Around Tozeur, around Tataouine and even on the island of Djerba.


The Ksar Medenine and Ksar Ouled Soltane authentic settings

for the filming of "Star Wars" films

The Ksar Medenine is located in the city, and like the Ksar Hadada,

it served as a decor for the slave quarters of Mos Espa.

Two scenes were filmed there: The arrival at Anakin in the storm and the departure of Anakin with Qui-Gon and his farewell to Shmi.

Ksar Ouled Soltane

This fortified Berber village was transformed by Georges Lucas into the Tatooine slave district . This ksar is one of the best preserved in the country and is still not very touristy.

Ksar Hadada

This ksar also served as a backdrop for the slave district,

the scene where Qui-Gon Jinn contacted Obi-Wan was filmed here

to ask him to analyze the level of midichloriens in the blood taken from Anakin, as well as the scene where Shmi talks about his son

confessing that he has no father.

Matmata: Uncle Owen's house.

Matmata is a village renowned for its cave dwellings.

They are extremely rudimentary and at the same time particularly magnificent dwellings. This can be underground habitats or carved out on the mountainside. This type of construction on the rock allows you to live in a cool space despite the outside heat. In Matmata, the Sidi Driss Hotel served as decor for Uncle Owen's house, in 1976 and in 2000. The hotel, Sidi Driss welcomes fans for a simple visit The hotel is divided into 5 courtyards, the fifth bearing the evocative name of "Star Wars courtyard": This is where the Lars' dining room and the main courtyard of the house were filmed . The painted ceiling of the dining room has been restored for the shooting of episode II (14 years after the shooting of episode IV!) And is still in perfect condition: It looks like it is in the film!

Tozeur à Matmata circuit Star Wars Sidi Idriss. Tunisie
Tozeur Star Wars Canyon Sidi Bouhlel.

Sidi Bouhlel

This canyon was mainly used as decoration for the desert of Jundland It is there that Luke and C3PO find R2D2 before being attacked by the men of sands, the Tuskens, and rescued by uncle Ben.

In episode I, it is from the cliffs of this canyon that the Tuskens ambushed during the pod race.

The Canyon is really beautiful, just as a natural landscape, it is well worth the detour


Chott el-Gharsa

Chott el-Gharsa, with this entire district of Mos Espa, village of Tatooine where Anakin works in episode I.

The decor was entirely created for the saga, in the middle of the sandy desert. In episode I, we see Qui-Gon Jinn, Padme and Jar Jar walking in the streets and Jar Jar being tempted with the tip of the tongue by stalls of food from the market of Mos Espa. In episode II, we find these decorations during Anakin's visit to Watoo.

The main Star Wars filming sites in Tunisia:


  • Ajim (Mos Eisley - Episode IV)

  • Ajim (Ben's House - Episode IV)

  • Sidi Jemour (Anchorhead, Mos Eisley - Episode IV)

  • Ksar Hadada (Mos Espa - Episode I)

  • Ksar Medenine (Mos Espa - Episode I)

  • Ksar Ouled Soltane (Mos Espa - Episode I)

  • Hotel Sidi Driss, Matmata (Farm of Lars - Episodes II and IV)

  • Nefta, Chott el-Jerid (Farm of Lars - Episodes II, III and IV)

  • Great Dune (Sea of ​​Sands - Episode IV)

  • Chott el-Gharsa (Various locations - Episodes I and II)

  • Sidi Bouhlel ("Star Wars Canyon" - Episodes I and IV)

From Tozeur Full Star Wars decor Tour

Visit of all filming locations

from the Star Wars saga in Tunisia

Day 1:

  • Pick up at your place of stay or at Tozeur airport and departure       at 8 am

  • Visits to the oases of Tamerza, Chebika and the canyon of Mides, (Natural decor from StarWars).

  • Lunch in Tamerza

  • Visit of Ong Jmal, and Mos Espa (Star Wars decor).

  • Back to Tozeur, dinner and night in a cottage hotel

Day 2:

  • Departure for Chott El Jerid, (Farm of Lars - Episodes II, III and IV).

  • Visit the Sidi-Bouhel canyon (Star Wars Episode I and IV).

  • Road to Douz.

  • Visit the petrified dunes and the irrigation system of the palm grove.

  • Lunch in Douz.

  • One hour of camel ride in the white dunes.

  • Departure for Matmata.

  • Visit the troglodyte houses, and the Sidi Idriss hotel, (Farm of Lars - Episodes II and IV).

  • Dinner and night in a troglodyte cottage.

Tozeur Star Wars, ong jmel.Tunisie
Maison d'Anakin SkyWalker. Tunisie

Day 3:

  • Visit of Ksar Hadada, (Mos Espa - Episode I).

  • Visit of Chenini. (Scenes from exterior landscapes of Star Wars)

  • Visit of Ksar Guermassa and lunch.

  • Visit of Ksar Ouled Soltane, (Mos Espa - Episode I).

  • Visit to the Ksar Medenine (Mos Espa - Episode I).

  • Departure for Djerba by the Roman way.

  • Dinner and night in a guesthouse or hotel in Djerba.


Day 4:

  • Djerba departure for Ajim, (Mos Eisley - Episode IV, Ben's House - Episode IV).

  • Visit of Sidi Jmour, (Anchorhead, Mos Eisley - Episode IV)

  • Lunch in a fish restaurant.

  • Return to Tozeur and deposit at your place of stay or at Tozeur airport.

Our tours include meals and accommodation

either at the hotel, in cottages, or in camps.


Price per person, based on 4 people: 285 €

Price per person, based on 3 people: 350 €

Price per person, based on 2 people: 480 €


The price includes:

Transport by 4X4 car based on 2 people

minimum per car, the services of an ONTT certified guide,

accommodation, camel ride, full board

from lunch on the first day to lunch on the last day.

Except accommodation and dinner

of the third day and breakfast of the fourth day

The following are excluded from the price: Drinks of all kinds.

All that is not mentioned in the section "the price includes".


We also offer a Star Wars day tour

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