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To discover all aspects of the great Tunisian south

We will pick you up (in the morning at your place of stay in Djerba and Our circuit will start with the southeast region. Djebel Dahar, where we will discover many Berber villages.

The best known as Matmata, Toujane and Chenini, but also

magnificent ksour off tourist path.

All these places bear witness to the rich cultural and historical past

of this beautiful Berber region.

Our circuit continues towards the west, at the edge of Chott El Jerid,

these are the biggest oases producing dates "Les Deglet Nour", then we cross this salt lake to reach Tozeur

and its Medina.  

Even further west, in the mountains, not far from the Algerian border, springs spring up and small oases offer their shade, Tamerza and its waterfalls, Midès and its canyons

and finally the very beautiful oasis of Chebika.

We go even further south of these oases where the vegetation disappears and gives way to the Sahara.

As far as the eye can see stretch the dunes of the great oriental erg, the sand

is white towards Douz and becomes Ocher Safran towards Ksar Ghilane.

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Djerba Matmata, les maisons troglodytes. jpg

During your tour you can sleep in the Sahara either in a bivouac or in a camp.

The night under the starry desert sky is an unforgettable experience!

This region is really the ideal place for 4 × 4 tours

because many places are not accessible for vehicles



This village is renowned for its remarkable cave dwellings

which make it one of the high places of Tunisian tourism.

Star Wars movie scenes were filmed there.


Known as the "gateway to the Sahara". During Antiquity, it was the oasis

the largest in the region. Until recently,

it was an essential stopover for caravans during their journeys between the Sahara and northern Tunisia.

In December it held the International Festival of the Sahara .

The Chott El Jerid

Salt lake, nearly a hundred kilometers long from East to West.

The Chott El Jerid has no altitude below 15 meters,

it is above sea level, in contrast to a strongly held belief.


Located northwest of Chott El Jerid, It is one of the oases at the gates of the Sahara Desert.

Tozeur is a city with an important and known religious past

for his scholars.

This city is also a large producer of dates, 35,000 tonnes, of which 4,000 come from organic farming and two-thirds of the production is the variety Deglet Nour (Light finger).  

In the past there was the "Red Lizard", Metlaoui tourist train, located between Tozeur and Gafsa, is a must for visiting the region.

This legendary train crosses the mountains through the tunnels and the Selja gorges. Unfortunately, a landslide blocked

the valley and the rails in 2018, the road is still not open.

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Circuit djerba Tozeur, les Oasis de Montagne. Jpg


Chebika is, along with Tamerza and Midès, one of the three most famous mountain oases in Tunisia. 1 hour drive northwest

from Tozeur, after crossing the chott (salt lake) el-Gharsa, the oasis

Chebika mountain clings to the side of desolate rocks. Chebika is an oasis located in a deep gorge.

If you climb to the mausoleum, you will have a magnificent view

on the chott, the oasis and the mountains.


Located in a small valley on the mountainside, Tamerza stretches

on the south bank of Horchane wadi facing jagged massifs

and offers a splendid lunar landscape. In Tamerza. The wadi springs

rocks, bathing palm trees. It is in this region of oases

mountains with its waterfalls, that certain scenes from the film "The English Patient" were filmed .


Hanging on the edge of a canyon where we find fossils

and colored minerals. The new village of Midès is at the heart

from the neighboring palm grove which provides dates, oranges and figs.

The site was notably used for certain scenes of the shooting

the film "The English Patient and Fort Saganne".

Ksar Ghilane

The southernmost of the Tunisian oases and one of the gates of the Tunisian Sahara Desert, the oasis is supplied by a spring,

which irrigates the palm grove

This oasis serves as a refuge for around fifty families of nomads living from the exploitation of the date palm, the breeding of goats and sheep. You can optionally take a walk

by camel or quad to visit the ancient Roman fort of Tisavar


Very beautiful site and also the most visited located 18 km west of Tataouine, perched on a ridge. you will discover the cave dwellings, built in the rock.


It will take a 4x4 to reach the ancient village of Guermessa, this Berber town clinging to the hillside village preserved unfortunately less than others.

Ksar Ouled Soltane

Ksar with 4 floors, Ouled Soltane is an Arab Ksar and not Berber,


Made of the finest ghorfas 4 floors of the region.

Ksar Hadada

5 km north of Ghomrassen, consists of 380 one-storey Ghorfa. It served as a set for the movie "Star Wars" in 1999.

Le désert à Ksar Ghilane. jpg
Circuit Djerba Tozeur, le Chott El Jerid. Tunisie.jpg



Day 1

Pick up at your place of stay in Djerba and departure for Matmata,

Homestay cave house visit

Berber museum visit

Departure for Douz and lunch in a restaurant

Camel trekking between oasis and sand dunes

Dinner at the restaurant and overnight in a gite hotel in Tozeur

Day 2

Departure for Tozeur by Chott El Jérid

Visit of the palm plantation irrigation system

Visit the petrified dunes

Crossing of Chott El Jerid, the salt lake

Lunch in Tozeur and visit to the Tozeur museum

Visit of the Star War decor in the desert at Ong Jmal

and sunset.

Dinner at the restaurant and overnight stay in a hotel in Tozeur

Day 3

Departure for the mountain oases.

Visit the oases of Chebika, Tamerza and Mides

Return to Douz for lunch

Departure for Ksar Ghilane by the track or the road according to the season

Free time for visit and bath in the hot spring

Optional: Camel ride or quad ride

Departure by track for dinner camp and tent accommodation

in the desert.

Day 4

Free time in the dunes of Eastern Sahara

Departure for the visit of the village of Chenini

Lunch in a restaurant in the village of Guermassa

Visit to the citadel of Guermassa

Visit of the Ksar Ouled Soltane

Visit of Ksar Hadada

Return to Djerba and deposit at your place of stay or at the airport

Our tours include meals and accommodation,

either at the hotel or homestay.


Price per person, based on 4 people: 300 €

Price per person, based on 3 people: 350 €

Price per person, based on 2 people: 480 €


(*) The price includes:

Transportation by 4X4 car based on a minimum of 2 people

by car, the services of an ONTT certified guide

accommodation, full board lunch

from the first day to lunch of the last day, the camel ride

The following are excluded from the price: Drinks of all kinds

All that is not mentioned in the section "the price includes"


This tour can be done in reverse

from Tozeur


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Place of the martyrs. Douz. TUNISIA
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