De Zarzis, balade en dromadaires et quad dans le déesrt.


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Balade en Quad à Ksar Ghilane de Zarzis.





To discover the desert, there are several ways:


By TT or 4X4 vehicle, quad, camel back or on foot!


In this excursion, we suggest combining two of these modes of transport: the quad bike and the camel.


We will leave early in the morning from your hotel in Zarzis, to reach Ksar Ghilane. We will stop along the way for photo breaks and coffee breaks.


Arrived at Ksar Ghilane, you can if you want, bathe in the hot spring.


You will leave in suite for 1 hour of camel ride, before having lunch in a restaurant at the foot of the dunes.


Then you will leave for 1 hour of Quad bike in the sand, towards

from the Roman fort of Tisavar.


You will then enjoy free time in the oasis, before hitting the road to Zarzis.

Le Désert de Ksar Ghilane depuis Zarzis.

Ksar Ghilane,

this oasis located at the beginning of the ocher dunes of the Grand oriental erg, is a tourist site which shelters a Roman fort built under the reign of the Commodus emperor "The Fort of Tisavar".

It allowed to monitor the road to Dahar and was part of the Roman border, "the limes", also called "terminus".

From Ksar Ghilane, visitors go to the ruins of the Roman fort

from Tisavar, not far from the oasis, either: By camel or quad. A little further, we find ourselves in front of splendid panoramas of ocher dunes sculpted by the wind. Guides and camel drivers put their experiences at the service of those who want to discover the emotion of the camel ride or quad in the desert.

To get there, we will cross from Djerba, olive fields, then slowly, the landscape will become more and more arid and rocky,

the ocher desert sand will keep you waiting until the entrance to Ksar Ghilane.

La balade en dromadaire à Ksar Ghilane, excursion de zarzis.

Quad bike ride and camel ride

to the oasis of Ksar Ghilane


  • Pick up at your place of stay in Zarzis and departure for Ksar Ghilane in 4X4.

  • Crossing of the Berber region of Tataouine.

  • Arrival at Ksar Ghilane.

  • Depart for an hour-long camel ride in the dunes

  • Coffee break and swimming in the hot spring

  • Departure for an hour of quad bike in the dunes towards the fort of Tisavar

  • Lunch at the foot of the dunes

  • Departure for Djerba

  • Photo break along the way

  • Return and deposit at your place of stay in Zarzis

Private tour with lunch included


Price per person, based on 4 people 100 €

Price per person, based on 3 people 135 €

Price per person, based on 2 people 160 €


The price includes:

Transport in a 4X4 car based on a minimum of 2 people per car, the services of an ONTT certified guide,

quad and camel rides, lunch.

The following are excluded from the price: Drinks of all kinds.

All that is not mentioned in the section "the price includes"