Excursion à dos de Dromadaire dans le désert à Douz Tunisie


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De Djerba à Douz dans le désert balade à DromadaireTunisie



A camel trek in the Tunisian desert

2 hours of walking in the silence of the desert
Lunch in a bivouac with the camel driver

Transfer from Djerba to Douz


Who has not dreamed of one day putting himself in the shoes of a Touareg!

To travel the desert on the back of a dromedary?


We suggest you for a day to live in the shoes of a Bedouin nomad, a camel ride in the Tunisian desert.


We will leave early in the morning from your hotel in Djerba, to reach Douz, the door of the desert. Our camel drivers we will wait with all

what you need to prepare lunch in the desert.


After taking hold of the mounts, you will leave for your camel ride in the silence of the desert.


Your camel drivers will prepare a delicious lunch for you.


Then slowly you will return to Douz, or your 4X4 will wait for you to take the road to Djerba.


We also offer this camel ride, over two days , with all meals and overnight in bivouac, under tent in the desert



Located 250 km from Djerba, Douz, famous oasis known for

its palm grove but above all to be, the Door of the Sahara.

In antiquity it was the most important oasis in the region.

Recently, Douz was still an important stopover for caravans during their journeys between the Algerian Sahara and Tunisia.

The Mrazigues, inhabitants of Douz, remain very attached to their Sahara.

Sand is the master on most streets in Douz.

In these dunes there is their history and the memory of their ancestors.

History that they relive each year during the 4 days

of the International Sahara Festival of Douz .

Douz transforms the city comes alive, folk dances, craft fair, poetry competition, entertainment on every street corner.

Once a week, the most important market in the region takes place, spices, clothes, flour. People come from everywhere.

In the background, the animal market, hundreds of men, negotiate, sell, goats, sheep or dromedaries.

Direction the big dune of Ofra, the white sand ...

The desert stretches as far as the eye can see, in summer it is no less than 50 °.

The best time to go is between October and March, the weather is very nice but much less hot!

Excursion à dos de Dromadaire dans le désert Tunisien
Djerba, excursion dromadaire a dDouz. Map.JPG


  • Djerba, early morning pick-up, 6 a.m., then drive to Douz.

  • Coffee break and photos in Tamezret.

  • Arrival in Douz around 10 a.m. We will meet our camel drivers there and their camel

  • Departure for the two-hour camel ride in the sand dunes.

  • The camel driver will prepare you lunch in the desert, Tunisian salad, grilled meats, bread baked in the sand.

  • Departure for return to Djerba in 4X4 and deposit at your hotel

       or at the airport.


Private tour with lunch included


Price per person, based on 4 people:  90 €

Price per person, based on 3 people: 105 €

Price per person, based on 2 people: 135 €


The price includes:

Transfer by 4x4 car based on 2 people

minimum per car

The driver, the services of an ONTT licensed guide

camel ride, lunch

The following are excluded from the price: Drinks of all kinds

All that is not mentioned in the section "the price includes"